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The ayurvedic definition of health goes far beyond absence of disease. According to ayurveda, health is that state where mind, body, spirit, emotions and senses are all in perfect balance, the way nature designed them to be. In our high-stress, sleep-deprived, eat-on-the-go, get-it-all-done-yesterday world, having our systems go out of balance is easy. Eventually, imbalances manifest as disease. Popping pills is at best a quick fix for the symptoms. More
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Dr. Donn Brennan
MB, Bch, BAO, MRCGP, MSCI Doctor Donn Brennan, from County Kildare, was one of the first western...More
Dr. Rajvinder Kaur
BAMS Rajvinder Kaur attained her Bachelor Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and...More
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Vitamin B complexVit.B complex
A special Vitamin B complex Plus Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids.

Price  -  €21.00
Size    -  
Ashwganda PowderP027

Price  -  €8.00
Size    -  
Prostate BalanceMA1595
Holistic Approach to Prostate Health, a blend of 18 herbs, minerals and fruits

Price  -  €22.00
Size    -  60 Tabs
Colon Cleanse MA505
Triphala with Rose

Price  -  €15.00
Size    -  60 Tabs
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